Fairy Tale Fest is open to submissions beginning in May of 2018.

We will accept submissions up to thirty days before the first day of the editorial month for which you are submitting. Anything that falls outside of the themes listed, may be submitted at anytime and we will publish at an appropriate time. We will notify you as soon as possible if your piece is being considered or is not suitable for Fairy Tale Fest and its mission of inspiring and promoting a love of fairy tales for all ages.

Editors or Publishers:

Editors and Publishers who are looking for submissions are welcome to post their needs in our “Spotlight” post in our Writers Round Table.

Please consult the Editorial Calendar below for themes and potential topics. While we work mainly from our calendar, we put story before everything, and a brilliant submission will always work it’s way up the publishing totem pole. We typically focus on tales for children but will consider those written for a dual audience, as long as it is appropriate. No erotica, please.

We welcome submissions on all topics that fall under the umbra of fairy tales, folk tales, and mythology. May the forces of enchantment inspire you, and may all good things surround you–sent from Heaven above.

Word Count: We are not big believers in cutting a tale short because of a number, given that we are not constrained by the unfortunate page space one encounters with print media. However, we also recognize that online readers have a shorter attention span than the print reader. So, for nonfiction submissions, please abide by a range of 500 words for profile or historic pieces. Full articles and essays may run up to 2,000 words or more. If in doubt, submit and we’ll sort it out from there!

Copy and paste your polished and edited piece into an email. (Hint: run it through Grammarly, Hemmingway, or some other software to ensure it’s as “clean” as possible. Always a great idea to take it to your critique group or have a few beta readers give it a look. And, well, you know the drill.

Send your polished and edited pieces to:


Historical Nonfiction or Authors
Essays on Classic Tales or Children’s Book Reviews
Spiritual / Themes
Writing FT / or
Book Review
Writer’s Round Table
Publishing Info & Ideas
Juniper Tree
Lenten themes.
Hunger and Gluttony.
Food and Fairy Tales.
 The Witch Must DieSheldon CashdanFairy Tales Jann Einfeld, EditorPublisher
Hans Christian Anderson
Sleeping Beauty
Little Match Girl
Disney Death and Resurrection
The Witch Must Die
Sheldon Cashdan
Once Upon A Time,
Marina Warner
Medieval/ Celtic
King Arthur
Roger Lancelyn Green
Pride, Heroes
Marian May
(Merry Month of May)
Reference: Article in Fairy Tales by M. Tatar
Brother’s Grimm
Snow White
The Uses of Enchantment, Bruno Bettelheim
Siblings in FT
The Chinese Cinderella
Carlo Collodi
Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Fred White
Russian Folktale
The Turnip
Jan Brett
Team Work
Problem Solving
Comedy Writing Secrets, Mark Shatz
Beauty and the Beast
Jack and the Bean
Hansel and Gretel
Greed. Advent:
Starvation in FTs
I don’t Wait Anymore, Grace Thornton
Wizard of Oz
Coming of Age
Objects / “Q” James Bond power
Ref: Witch Must Die
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